The problems large families face in Lithuania

It is practically impossible for a large family with small children to buy or rent a suitable house:

•    there are no long-term renting traditions in
•    Hosts who rent houses do not want families with small children.
•    majority of large families can not apply for a loan at banks due to their income;
•    the public housing that is offered is mostly
unusable and unsafe.

The nature of aid

•    We help families do to disaster acquire
or repair their dwelling place;
•    We help parents get a specialty  and find
a better  permanent job;
•    We counsel  and represent families  in courts
and help them with legal documents;
•    We pay for their treatment if needed;
•    We provide households with minimum
household appliances and firewood;
•    We buy the necessary learning tools and clothes for school so their children would not be looked down;
•    We send their children to summer camps. For most of them it is the best unforgettable childhood experience.

Who is entitled to support?

•    Only the orderly large families qualify for support.
•    We gather as much information as possible
before providing support.
•    We work closely with the mayors of cities and districts, neighborhoods and social care workers.
•    Together we look for the best solution for each individual family.

You can help the needy families with children!

You can help them get out of poverty so that they can raise their children in a safer environment:
•    help them acquire or repair their homes;
•    provide them with a possibility to have water supply;
•    help them repair their teeth;
•    help them purchase minimum household appliances to brighten their depressive daily life ;
•    help their children not to be looked down on at school because they lack  clothes and
learning tools;
•    give their children a trip to a summer camp as for many this will be the only unforgettable childhood memory.

Aid granted in the past

Before rendering aid the family of seven members were living on a dilapidated collective farm. After the help,this large family live in a modest farmhouse  of their own in Kazlų Rūda municipality.


A mother with 5 children were living in this abandoned house for a few years. There was neither proper heating nor water supply. After the help  granted the family dwells in a small farmhouse in Kudirkos Naumiestis.

Reda Kemeziene, before (2)Reda Kemeziene, after (1)